Dataset IT Systems have formed a strategic alliance with Feidir Technologies to deliver a customer portal cloud application for the Waste Disposal Industry, where customer information can be seamlessly linked from the Dataset Domestic Interlock application, and displayed to the customer via the Dataset Interlock Web Portal.

This service is designed to meet a growing need in the Waste Disposal industry, to communicate key account information to customers in a cost effective, timely and efficient manner. This will allow service providers to reduce costs associated with handling customer calls, improve customer service information delivery, and allow for reduction in expensive paper-based customer communication, while also complying with recent and pending legislation on pay-by-weight waste disposal, and in particular the increasing demands from local authorities to provide feedback to customers on their waste disposal performance.


The Waste Service Provider decides what data should be displayed to their customers. When the customer is fully registered and logged into the customer portal, the following information and services can be provided:

  • Registered Account Information:  Name, Address, Phone, Email.
  • Current Service Status Information:  Account Balance, Service Period, Paid-to-date, Next Invoice Date.
  • Collection Weight Information:  Weight Collected per Waste Stream, Weight Allowance per Weight Stream.
  • Collection Information:  Date, Waste Type, Weight and Cost of Lift.
  • Historical Weight Profile:  Overview of Monthly Aggregated Collection Weight per Waste Stream.
  • Collection calendars
  • Integrated payment system
  • Integrated Skip ordering and payment service
  • Customer portal service selector and sign up
  • Common Tasks Submission (Requesting a call back, a bin repair, a compost bin, etc.)
  • Portal information and stats (for waste service provider only)


Additionally, the following information is available only to the waste service provider:

  • Portal information and stats
  • Overview of all Payments and Orders
  • Overview of Customer activity (Password Reset Attempts, etc.)
  • Overview of emails sent to customers


The items which are displayed to the Customer in the Portal are at the discretion of the waste disposal company. The portal can be tailored to meet the business needs accordingly. Contact us for more details.


Compliance with new Legislation on Pay-By-Weight Disposal

Reduced Costs Associated with Handling Customer Phonecalls

Improve Customer Service Information Delivery

Reduction in paper based communication