Below are a number of frequently asked questions and answers to help understand a little more about the Dataset Web Portal, and how it works. The Portal is under continuous development, and while we endeavour to keep the latest information available here, we may not highlight current work-in-progress. Contact Dataset IT Systems if you have a query on any of the detail.

Can the Portal be fully integrated into my website?

The Dataset Web Portal is a cloud application that runs on the WordPress platform and can be fully integrated in a seamless manner, into the waste service providers website where the site is provided by us, and hosted on our servers.

However, in the interest of security, full integration is not possible on a server that is not controlled by us.

How does the integration with Payment Providers work?

The Portal Site will require its own integration with your Payment provider (Realex or similar), which is independent of any existing payment integration that may exist. Usually, no payment integration is necessary on the main site when using the Portal as the Portal facilitates the majority of payment scenarios.

NOTE: Any existing payment integration may be incompatible with, or interfere with, reporting on the Portal Payments system and therefore this integration should be brought to our attention when discussing the Portal functionality, so that we can explain the implications clearly to you.

Will the Portal look like my website?

Yes. Our portal will be “skinned” i.e. coloured to match your existing website colour scheme. This will not affect the layout of the Portal, or its components, but will change the colours of text, background, borders, etc.

I have my own web developer but want the customer portal integrated into my website. Is this possible?

Yes. 3rd Party Integration is possible.

Where a waste service provider already has an existing website which will remain as-is, has their own development team, or has an existing web developer, then the integration will be done by the use of iframes or similar, on the main website.

In this case the Dataset Web Portal will run on a separate site, as a sub-domain of the main site (hereafter referred to as the Portal Site). The Portal Site will run independently from the main site. It will be hosted on our servers, and will be maintained and supported by us in a secure environment. The waste service provider’s web administrator will need to create a subdomain at (or similar), and update the appropriate dns records to point to our nameservers.

When providing your Portal, we may request some files and information from you (or your web administrator) to assist with ensuring the look of the Portal Site matches your main site.

After your Portal Site is set up by us, we will provide your web administrator with the necessary page links, which they can use to integrate into your website.

What information will be displayed in the customer portal?


In short, this is up to the waste service provider. The Dataset Web Portal is capable of displaying a wide range of information from the Dataset Interlock application, but each piece of information can be enabled, or disabled, separately. This permits us to tailor the display of information to match exactly to the requirements of the waste service provider.

Click here for our overview which lists the range of data currently available.

I want to display information that isn't mentioned?

The Portal is under continuous development and improvement. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll advise of the plan in relation to that piece of data. You won’t be the only waste service provider seeking that information and it’s likely that we already have it either in place, or in the pipeline.

Can the Portal be customised?

Perhaps. As mentioned above – “skinning” is a standard feature of the setup process to make it look like your main website.

The display of additional information is also addressed above.

Other customisation is generally not available unless its likely to benefit the application overall, but do contact us to discuss your query as we are open to considering such requests.

How is the Customer Portal priced?

Almost every feature within the customer Portal is individually priced. This gives the Waste Service Provider total freedom to determine what best suits their business, thus influencing the overall price. Exact price will depend on the following factors:

  • The Features you require
  • The number of your customers to be serviced
  • The volume of Integrated Payment Transactions through the system
  • The volume of Orders
  • The volume of Mobile phone numbers and emails added to customer accounts

However, once the basics have been established, the pricing model is very simple. The cost is broken down into two sections:

Fixed Charges
This is the Monthly Portal Rental, which is paid in advance.
It is calculated using the following method and will change when the number of licenced users, or the feature selection, changes:

  • Base cost + (selected Features x quantity of users)

Variable Charges
Features that attract “per-use” charges are all optional. Monthly Transaction Charges are paid in arrears and must be cleared in advance of the next month’s renewal.
Variable Charges are calculated by:

  • Transaction Cost x Transaction Quantity

What is the Monthly Rental Fee for?

The monthly rental fee cover the costs of hosting your Customer Portal on our secure servers as well as handling the significant amount of customer data required for the licenced user quantity.

What are the Credit Terms?

The Portal operates on an automated billing solution. If the outstanding fees are not paid on time, the Customer Portal will automatically cease to function once the paid licence period expires. It is therefore important to allow sufficient time for payments to be received and processed. If the portal has been inactive for a period exceeding one month, it may be completely removed without further notice to protect user data and avoid additional data storage costs.

Portal Rental Charges are paid in advance of each month.

Portal Transaction Charges are billed at the beginning of a month and must be paid before the end of that month.

What is the minimum Contract Term?

The Customer Portal operates on a month to month basis, which requires a monthly Portal Rental Fee to be paid in advance of each month in addition to any applicable usage charges for the previous month.

Longer term contracts are possible on request.

What about Support?

We operate a “fair usage” support policy which is geared towards providing cover for all the normal queries that might arise. We provide this support in line with our standard service level policy. We regard the following as “fair usage” and support requirements beyond this will require agreement for additional support.

We will support ALL relevant queries in the first month of operation. This includes training queries, customer issues, system issues, user setup issues, etc. In short, anything and everything related to the operation and use of the system.

Thereafter, we believe the entire operation is so intuitive and capable of self-service operation, that you won’t require support unless there’s a system failure issue. From that point we will of course support all system failure issues, and we will support occasional “non-system failure issue” queries. Where the number of “non-system failure issue” support requests becomes a problem, we will arrange to discuss either additional training or if you prefer, an agreement for additional support.