Ordering Compost Bins


The available Task Request list has been updated with a “Request Compost Bin” function to allow customers to make this request through the portal, thereby saving time for the waste service provider on phone calls and saving frustration for the customer that might be left holding on the phone. It’s one more small time saving feature to help cut phone calls.

See image below of the working “submit requests” section, or go to our demo portal for a live view.


Login by email


In our latest major update, we’ve simplified the login process even further. Usernames are no longer a feature, and are replaced entirely by the user’s email. Since the email is already required, and the user is less likely to forget their email, this should help make the process that little bit smoother.

Existing Bins

Existing Bin Details

It may be important for you to know about a new customers existing bins. Our latest update to our automated online ordering process, will allow for this information to be collected and passed to you as part of the order.

As with everything in our system, you choose whether or not to display this section.

This is one more small step in reducing time spent on processing your new orders.

Customer Maps – Show us where you live

Customer Location Mapping

Sometimes locating the customer can be a time-consuming challenge. What better way to locate a new customer than allowing them a map interface to select their own location and share that with you as part of the “Sign Up” process.

Our new improved order process, whether it’s for ordering skips online, or ordering a domestic bin service, will allow for the customer to pinpoint their position on a map, and that information comes through to you as a clickable link, which opens in Google Maps.

We’ll be extending this functionality to our Enquiry Forms before Q2 2016.

Custom Notices

Customised Messages

Sometimes a customer may have certain expectations after making a payment, be it a payment on their account, or paying while signing up for a new service. These expectations may not be correct and the waste service provider may need to advise the customer, after making payment, exactly what to expect.

Within the customer portal, your customers can be advised with a customised message, as to what to expect next, what should happen after the payment, etc. Different messages can be displayed depending on whether the payment was an account payment, a new order, etc.

This message is also included in the email receipt to the customer.

This is another simple example where the portal can simplify the customer service process and help reduce both the customer service burden, and customer frustrations.

Portal Support System


Our commitment to ensuring your customer portal operates smoothly and effectively is absolute. To that end we’ve integrated the private waste service provider area behind the portal, directly into our own Support Ticket handling system. This allows the waste service provider to submit support tickets directly from the same page as they use to review payments, customer activity and so on. It also eliminates any need for you to recall support email addresses. Your support tickets are confirmed to your email address, with a link to allow you to track progress on your query.

This is one more small step to help reduce the time burden on the waste service provider.

View Orders Feature


Another new feature has been added to the Dataset Portal – the view orders section.

When a customer makes a payment for either a bin or a skip service, they will be issued a reference number via email. This reference number can then be taken to the “Orders” page and submitted into the required field, which will bring up all the order details including transaction details, account details and service details. This is a very useful tool for assisting the waste service provider in reviewing and/or resolving issues with customer orders and payments. See image below.


Portal Information Feature


The “Portal Information” panel is a new feature that has been added to the Dataset portal.

This feature currently allows the waste provider to view portal usage details and is particularly useful for management in keeping track of portal engagement statistics. The portal info feature displays the quantity of service sign ups, logins and payments within a given month and gives an overall snapshot of how the portal is functioning for the business.

The information provided in this panel is something we will be expanding further over the coming months.

Skip Ordering


Another new feature has been added to the Dataset Portal – the Order Skip tool.

The Portal now includes a skip selection and ordering tool. This allows waste service providers to facilitate dynamic online skip orders and payments using the customer portal application (but not requiring a customer login). Available Skips, and associated pricing is defined by areas and localities, combined with Waste Type and the available skip sizes. It’s a highly customisable list, while remaining very simple to use for the customer.


Account Tasks


The Customer Portal has been updated with a “Request Account Tasks” function to allow customers to communicate directly with the waste service provider through the portal.

Here, the customer can submit a range of requests e.g. request a new bin, or request some of their account information be updated. These tasks would have been otherwise communicated over the phone, so this feature really saves time and cost for waste service provider. The available “requests” are highly customisable, and in due course will be linked directly into the Back-Office system where they will automatically generate Tasks.

See image below of the working “submit requests” section, or go to our demo portal for a live view.