The Dataset Interlock Web Portal will work as a section of your website. It can work as a stand-alone system, but will work best when fully integrated with your own website. Dataset’s alliance with Feidir Technologies allows for rapid delivery of clean, modern websites, to suit your business if so required. Full integration of online Payment Systems is a normal part of this process.

Note: The information available depends on the features the waste service provider chooses to make available.

Below are descriptions of all the various steps outlined in the image provided.

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register    registration_complete   new_password

As described on the security page. This step requires a username and a working email address. An email will then be send to the address provided with a password. This ensures users must provide valid email addresses. This email address will subsequently be linked to the account in the Dataset Interlock system.

log_in2   log_in

As Described in Security page (Accessing The Portal).

At this stage, the customer will be required to enter their username and the password that was sent by email. 

002000 Link-AccountHere, the customer will be required to provide their account number and mobile phone number (matching the waste service provider’s system)

Where the account number and mobile number do not match the existing system records, the customer will be provided an option to “request” that the account be linked. The customer is required to provide extensive information to verify the integrity of the request. This will result in a Task appearing in the Office Dataset Interlock system, permitting the Waste Service Provider to validate the request and link the account (or NOT, as the case may be.)

When the account number and mobile number match on the waste providers system, a PIN number will be issued to the mobile phone number provided via SMS.

This method of authentication helps ensure that the Waste Service Provider meets their Data Protection obligations by ensuring only the customer with a confirmed contact number can obtain the necessary access credentials.

002020 Enter-Pin

Here the customer enters the PIN code that they have received and they will have full access to their account details and online automated payments via the portal.

002030 Re-Send-Pin

In some cases a customer will already be registered and have had previous access to the customer portal, but on this occasion they may have lost/forgotten a PIN number and require a new one to regain access to their account details. Here, a new PIN will be issued via SMS.

003000 Customer-Portal

The Basic Account information that will be displayed is:

Name, Address, Email, Phone, Account Balance, Service Period, Paid-to-Date, Next Invoice Date.

The portal is highly configurable and each section can be enabled/disabled individually as required by the Waste Service Provider. Additionally, some sections contain component information (e.g. the Cost of each lift in the Collection Details section) that can be individually enabled/disabled within the section.

Some of the sections in the process overview image  are currently in development, and more features are currently in the planning phase and not yet show above.

Have a look at our demo portal to view a live working customer portal.

Finally, each portal installation is individually coloured to match with it’s host website, whether we provide the website solution or not. With a highly flexible design structure, each component piece can be styled to fit comfortably in any website.

The portal is run on a high-availability server, specifically tasked for the purpose.



The Portal also includes a skip selection and ordering tool. This allows waste service providers to facilitate dynamic online skip orders and payments using the customer portal application (but not requiring a customer login). Available Skips, and associated pricing is defined by areas and localities, combined with Waste Type and the available skip sizes. It’s a highly customisable list, while remaining very simple to use. View the live Skip Selector here.


Also developed to be used in conjunction with the customer portal is the service selector. This allows the waste company provider to display their bin services based on the locality which the user has selected. This will then prompt the user to select and sign up for the service (a process which will then register them within the customer portal by requiring input of valid email and mobile phone number).  This will dramatically cut down on time spent signing up new customers over the phone. View the live Service Selector here.


The latest developed within the customer portal plugin has been the “Portal Information” section. This is a feature which is visible to the waste providers only, and is particularly useful in monitoring the statistics of the customer portal within their website. The waste provider will be able to view what sections are enabled and should be visible within the customer portal. It also keeps a tally of logins, payments, orders, registrations, how many times service selectors have been used etc.

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